"The Solution"

We have erred horribly with our eating habits so far. Unless we take stock of the situation and take matters in our own hands, things are not going to improve.    

The  first thing is awareness. We have to learn what  foods  are  right  for us and what  are  not. We have to go back  to school  (not  literally, of  course)  and understand  what  the  nutrients are  that  your body  really wants and  in  what measure. Then we have to work up a dietary regimen for ourselves and our family so that we eat healthier. We must cut down on all the foods that are harmful – the carbohydrates, the fats, the sugars, we don‟t really want them – and incorporate foods that can boost our health.    

This does sound too preachy, I know. But that is the only respite we have got. If we keep munching on Oreos, we are never going to get better.     

But there‟s hope. Hope lies in the fact that there are many foods out there that are just as tasty as those nasty junk foods but we don‟t yet know about them. These are the foods that we don‟t know about yet, we probably don‟t care for them or because we don‟t know how to prepare them, but a good health cookbook could help you in understanding various interesting ways to healthy cooking. Even with the  same  kind  of  diet you  eat, you  can conjure  up some  very delicious healthy dishes. Yes, it is all very much possible. You can modify your eating habits to a large extent, while at the same time taking care of your palate.    

The  fact  is that the  weight  loss  industry is responsible in a  very significant  way toward  this downfall  of  the  developed  human race. 

They need  to keep selling their Atkinses and Jenny Craigs and Zones and Medifasts and for that reason the media never tells you how we can actually take things in your own hands. They show us glitzy before-after pictures of a guy with a foot-long pannus and then the same guy with six pack abs and tell us that the diet made that possible.

But the fact is, if we were to take things in our own hands, we could very easily do that  too, without  needing to spend  thousands of  dollars on getting  those diets. And what do we have to do? Two basic things:- Ø Control what we eat. Ø Indulge in physical exercise.    

Now, is that too much to do? Don‟t we owe that to our body that has served us so well all these years? Don‟t we owe that to ourselves and our families?    

Throughout  these articles  we are  going to see how we can eat  right  and  generally modify our diet in  order to improve our lives. And  that  we can  do in a  very significant manner.

Tomorrow we'll be asking the question "What Is an Ideal Diet?" Be sure to watch your email inbox for the link.

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