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Help Me In A Feasibility Test & Get A Free Blog

rick_csdThis is a subscribers only offer, thank you for your interest in participating

Over the last few days I’ve been going through a new Profit Dashboard course created by Robert Plank and Lance Tamashiro. I am now through all of the training and ready to give the training a try out for feasibility.

The course is centered around creating simple gigs on Fiverr that you can complete in 5 minutes or less. Ultimately my twist on is to hire a VA to outsource the gig completion which basically turns this into a hands-off income stream.

So here is where you can help and get a free blog for helping.

The gig I chose to launch is for creating a secure wordpress blog. A simple enough task especially if you use a backup and restore system. Should be a piece of cake – but this is what I’m testing (whether it is or not).

I am opening up 10 slots for you my subscribers to help me test this out and in the end you will get a free blog PLUS as a bonus a popular membership site plugin to boot. Now for this test I will be doing the gig completion myself. I want to see for myself how long the gig completion takes and see first hand any glitches or problems I need work on before hiring a VA for this.

The 10 people that help me will have to pay the $5.50 upfront for the gig
but upon completion of the gig I will Paypal you a refund.

The only requirements:

  1. You must have a web hosting account that allows FTP or Cpanel access
  2. You must upon completion of the gig leave a 5 star rating
  3. You must leave a positive feed back

In addition to this feasibility test I am also building a case study of how this project turns out and the income I generate from it. This will take approximately 60 days to complete. As a tester you will get access to the case study results including all updates during the creation of this case study.

So if you’re willing to help participate (and there is a slot still open) click the button below and lets get started. Remember you will need to pay $5.50 upfront to Fiverr for this gig but just by following the 3 simple requirements above you will get a complete refund PLUS the free blog.