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Welcome to the MASM members area. From this members area you will be able to access all of the trainings for this course. The Mass Attack Social Media course is designed to give you the basic foundations of how to properly setup and use Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and LinkedIN for building an active and responsive following on these popular social networking sites.

There are four separate trainings in this course each one covering a different social network site. The trainings are delivered one per week so as to give you ample time to work with each one of the sites to get your account setup properly and start building your following.

No matter what facet of online or offline marketing you may be doing in today’s world you can’t ignore social media. While Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest are necessary for any business LinkedIN primarily targets business professionals in the offline world. But there are uses for LinkedIN in the online world as well in that it is a great place to network with other business owners and a great place to find potential JV partners for projects and product launches.

Course Modules:

MASM Training 1: Crushing it With Twitter

MASM Training 2: Pinterest Cash Tactics

MASM Training 3: Famous on Facebook

MASM Training 4: LinkedIN For Profits