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Download the Reseller Site to your desktop and extract into a folder.
This contains all your auto-responders for subscribers and members, the mini-site files and the
/files folder where you will place all the extracted membership modules in.

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The Photoshop PSDs are for your personal use only if you want to modify and rebrand the mini-site.

Download All Membership Modules

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Extract the minisite zip file first to a folder on your desktop. Inside you will see the /files folder which should only have an index.php redirect file to protect that folder. Next, download the membership content and extract the contents of all zip files into the /files folder and delete the original zips.

Your /files directory should look like this:


Now update the auto-responder for your members so that each email sends your customer to the correct download page for each week.

For example, in the /autoresponders_members folder, open text file week01.txt and you will see the following:


[MEMBERS] Complete Newbie Training Week 1: Niche Marketing

Hi {!firstname_fix},

Thank you for joining the Complete
Newbie Training program!

Before you start creating your product,
establish a business, find means to
market, you must first determine who
you want to sell to, and whether they
are buyers or not. This is Niche
Marketing 101, made easy.

Throughout this course, you will learn
how to find highly profitable and
hungry markets. You will be going
through the process of researching and
brainstorming possible niches.

Within this module, you will also be
discovering some of the tools, which
are readily available online, that will
help you to untapped and discover
niches in the quickest time possible.

After this, you should never be stuck
with ideas or have an issue finding a
profitable niche again.

Please access your first lesson below…



Simply replace ‘‘ with your domain name, and leave the rest of the text file alone and add the email to your auto-responder system.

Assuming you have Aweber as your auto-responder, you can leave the tags {!firstname_fix} and{!signature} as they are. If you’re using GetResponse, Email Aces or another system, please refer to their documention for adding personalized variable tags or simply remove them altogether.

The most important part is to replace all instances of with your domain name for every email. Once done, add them to your auto-responder system, edit in your name, contact email, and payment button and upload the entire site as it is laid out.

Note: If security is an issue, then membership software is a must. I use InstaMember to create my membership sites. This allows you to protect directories within your site and provide your members with a personal login to enter. As for drip feeding, you can still use your auto-responder to direct them to a page or post on your blog every week. Definitely a worth while investment.

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