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I’m going to ask you a very important question:

Do You Trust Your Judgement?

Don't "Skim" This.... Read it Carefully.

You just gained access to three of our Viking PLR Packages. And by the way, thank you for that. Your trust and your business really means a lot to us. But why did you make that investment?

Was it because you saw how stunningly beautiful, value-packed, and high-quality it was?

Was it because you’ve had bad PLR experiences and you saw the benefit of acquiring PLR content developed by an English-speaking, US-based business?

Was it because you knew it would genuinely help, educate, and benefit your customers and followers?

Was it because you determined it would provide immense monetary and list building value to your business?

My point is that at some point on the previous page you made a calculated decision, a judgement call as an entrepreneur to invest in THREE of our Viking PLR packages.

So, if you do trust your judgement, then how would you like to get immediate access to all TWENTY EIGHT of our full Viking PLR packages?

You’ve already grabbed the first three, you’ve already determined it’s going to benefit your business and you’ve probably already got plans in your entrepreneurial mind for capitalizing on those 3 packages. So why not literally 20X those plans by grabbing the other 25 packages right now?

You’ve probably heard that the key to online business success is to have multiple streams of income, right?

Well getting there is all about asset acquisitionAnd why not acquire assets you’ve already decided you believe in?

What I’m offering you is the chance to acquire an unprecedented collection of high value assets for your business. We’re talking 25 additional full passive income funnels, each complete with a lead magnet, a frontend offer, and an upsell. That’s three gorgeous, high-quality products per package.

Can you imagine what 28 full passive income streams with 84 products could do for your business, not to mention for your life and your family? Well don’t spend too much time imagining what TWENTY EIGHT could do, because in a matter of minutes from now you'll have even more of these high quality assets because you'll be getting a complete business in a box package. You’ll never have to worry about product creation again.

And since you have full rights to use the Viking PLR products as you wish, you don’t have to just focus on the funnel model. You’ll have so many of these that you can even set up an eStore stocked with all of these products either with the Viking branding or with your own branding. Or you could cram ALL of them together into your own high-ticket, paid membership site. The possibilities for capitalizing on these are endless.

But listen, you’ve got an online business to run and I don’t want to take up any more of your time than I have to. So let’s dive right into what’s included in your Viking PLR membership. 




What Is It?

Viking PLR Membership consists of instant access to all 28 existing Viking PLR packages (that's 84 products)!

Remember, these include full white label rebranding rights...

Each of these products has the same gorgeous quality as the one you already purchased, on the inside and the outside.


Here's the Packages You'll Be Getting
Instant Access To Right Now:


This is the famous PLR pack that started it all. The ultimate guide to Internet Marketing. Sell this or give it away to your leads. They'll love you for it!


This amazing collection of products will teach your customers intuitive methods and strategies for generating affiliate commissions like never before.


This package will bring your customers and subscribers up to speed on the latest banner advertising strategies to start driving traffic to their pages.


The Viking Twitter Marketing products take your customers through the entire Twitter process from setting up an account to drafting a content plan.


Facebook Ads can be confusing and a lot of marketers give up after one or two tries. These products will help your buyers master the art of the FB ad.


This package will equip your buyers with the knowledge and resources they need to leverage the current and future mobile marketing trends.


List building is the lifeblood of any online business and these awesome products will teach your customers the tactics they need to grow their list.


Retargeting is easily one of the most promising developments in modern advertising. This pack puts this complex concept within reach of everyone.


This amazing package will teach your customers how to increase their conversion rates by creating and beautifully presenting their bonus offers.


A must-have for any online marketer, this gorgeous bundle will teach your customers how to attract, recruit, and galvanize an army of affiliates and JVs!


Sell this (or give it away) to your customers and teach them how to totally dominate email marketing and produce revenue with that "send" button!


Facebook is the summit of social marketing and by offering this course to your customers or leads will empower them to leverage it like never before.


Surely you've noticed the trend... video is taking over! Every day the JVZoo & W+ top seller charts are dominated by video products. Now it's your turn!


Move over Facebook! Twitter is quickly becoming the most talked about paid  advertising platform in social media. Help your buyers & leads dominate it!


Want a profitable buyers list? The fastest way to get it is by creating and selling your own products. Show your folks how it's done with this course.


Facebook is great. But it's mostly fun and games compared to LinkedIn. Now you're dealing with a professional business-minded prospects. Cha-ching!


YouTube has quickly grow to one of the biggest, most active, and most profitable sites on the web. Teach your customers to leverage it today!


Since being purchased by Facebook, Instagram has EXPLODED as social media and marketing platform. Help your audience learn to utilize it now.


If your customers or students aren't marketing on Pinterest, they are missing out big time. Sell them this course and teach them how to dominate it!


Social media has been called "the great equalizer". It gives even the smallest business a fighting chance! Give that chance to your buyers with this course.


Do you hate money? Well you might as well hate it if you're not using Google's amazing advertising solutions. Show your buyers how in this course.


This is one of the hottest new ways of generating starting funds for business ideas.  Now you can this awesome crowdfunding course to your buyers!


Every new startup struggles with where and how to raise capital for their business idea. From loans to venture capital to bootstrapping, this has it all.


Your customers and clients NEED this course. Small businesses, especially online ones, often struggle to track their income and expenses. Help 'em out!


It's one of the hottest new trends in the global economy. People are offering freelance services either full-time or on the side. Help your peeps learn how!


One of the coolest new marketing strategies. Pay an influencer in your niche to post your product on their IG account and get huge exposure. Brilliant!


Entrepreneurs are quickly noticing that they can 10X their productivity and accomplishments by hiring virtual staff and delegating tasks to them. Cool!


Everyone wants to do it but nobody knows how. From sales pages to affiliate recruitment, this guide will make your customers product launch masters.

What's Inside Each One?

Every PLR Pack Contains the Following Components:


There you have it. TWENTY EIGHT High-Quality PLR Packages!

It's Literally 28 Automated Income Streams!

So let’s talk about exactly how you can use these
incredibly valuable assets in your business.


Firstly, you can give them away as lead magnets in return for an opt-in. You can do this individually or you can combine the whole package into one extremely lucrative lead magnet.

Secondly, you can offer these as bonuses to sweeten the pot on your paid offers or affiliate offers you’re promoting. Again, you can do so individually or combined as one package.

Third, you can add them to your existing free or paid membership sites to make your business more attractive to potential members and customers.

Finally, you can sell them as high-quality paid products either individually or combined.

Please Note: These rights apply to the "end user product" only. You are not allowed to transfer, giveaway or sell the raw source files to these products.

You Can Do All That Stuff, But...

We Recommend You Build a Funnel

That Will Build Your List and Generate Sales
on Complete Autopilot

Imagine... TWENTY EIGHT Funnels Like This...


The Ultimate Automated Business in a Box!

Step 1: You use the report as a free offer in return for an email opt-in. Use the included Facebook ad or whatever traffic method you prefer to drive as many leads as possible through this entry-point.

Step 2: Then, instead of a traditional thank you page, you forward your subscribers immediately over to the tripwire or low-priced front-end offer, which would be the full eBook. The reason you want it to be low-priced is so you’ll convert a larger amount of people from freebie seekers to customers. Profit isn’t the main goal in this step. The goal is building a buyers list.

Step 3: After that, you’ll then forward the buyers to your upsell which will be the video course. This is where you’re looking for significant revenue generation and this will also tell you who your most committed and motivated customers are.

Step 4: But it doesn’t end here. This is just the beginning. Now you’ll want to plug those email marketing sequences we gave you into your autoresponder so you can start selling more products and leveraging the power of your new list.

Step 5: You’ll then want to start cross-selling other products of your own to this list as well. Now you might be thinking “what if I don’t have more products of my own to cross-sell?” Well, maybe it's time I tell you about the bonuses I promised you earlier.


I'm on a mission to make this the most no-brainer offer you've ever seen. To that end, we're throwing every high-value bonus we have into this offer!

Fast Action Bonus #1


PLR Master Class Volume 3. You already picked up PLR Master Class Volumes 1 & 2 on the previous page. Now you can continue your PLR training journey.

Fast Action Bonus #2


The final volume of the ground-breaking PLR Master Class Curriculum.
Volume 4 will put the finishing touches on your advanced PLR training.

Fast Action Bonus #3


A bundle of 15,000 articles with full PLR rights. Nope, that's not a typo. Dig into this massive treasure trove of content and use it in blogs, emails, lead magnets, compile them into an eBook, do whatever you want!

Fast Action Bonus #4


The Warlord Reseller Formula. This book details a brand new approach to acquiring and distributing content and will change the way you think about PLR forever.

Fast Action Bonus #5


PLR Profit Tactics. This detailed volume breaks down the cutting edge tactics that today’s successful internet marketers are using to capitalize on their PLR materials.

Fast Action Bonus #6


Monthly PLR Income Stream. This eBook is a quick read that takes a big picture approach toward leveraging PLR materials to bring in recurring revenue.

Fast Action Bonus #7


PLR Arbitrage. This easily executed guide is a must-read and explains how to acquire large amounts of PLR materials at low prices and how to enhance them and resell them with premium price tags.

Fast Action Bonus #8


7 Days to PLR Profits. This step-by-step process will lay out the quickest roadmap for getting your PLR content online and selling in just one week.


Finally, to completely seal the deal, I’m going to remove all the risk. You have 30 whole days to try out and dissect the Viking PLR packages. Test them. Send traffic to them.  If you determine anytime in the next 30 days that they aren't beneficial to your business, you get a full refund. No questions asked!


So let's recap:

Your Viking PLR Membership Gives You Instant Access To All 28 Viking PLR Packs


$375-worth of bonuses!


You Pay Only:


One-Time $27